Thursday, April 17, 2008

John Armani McCain

Though this blog is mostly interested in NYC related happenings, the Presidential race is very much on the mind of New Yorkers, who also happen to be Americans even if most Americans don't believe it.

Needless to say, this election has already resorted into the usual petty, "gotcha", personality-driven trivial freak-show crap that has become the staple of our American electoral system. It's all so depressing familiar. We've heard about Obama's wacky pastor and "bitter" comments, as well as Clinton's "misremembering" of being under sniper fire. But when it comes to John McCain ... well, the media gives him a free pass.

Did you know he dumped his first wife who had waited for him for more than 5 years while he was in the Hanoi Hilton because she had been in a car accident and gotten fat?

Did you know he then chased the current Mrs McCain -- a skinny blond roughly twenty-years his junior -- who was also the heiress to a big fortune that's funded his entire political career?

Did you know he was one of the Keating Five?

Did you know he and his wife own EIGHT homes?

Probably not. The media considers him "salt of the earth", oh-so-manly, a real "man of the people." But sometimes reality has a nasty way of intruding. Just last week, Newsweek magazine published a picture of "Mac" that was meant to make him look all bad-ass. Dark glasses, tie flapping in the wind, a steely look on his face. But OH WAIT! Did you see tag on that tie? Why yes, it say "Giorgio Armani." Newsweek tried to blur it but it still came through.

We've heard a lot about Obama's middle name so let's give one to Mr McCain: Armani.

Some man of the people. Some real "salt of the earth" guy. Some bad ass. But don't worry, Johnny, the media won't give you any grief for being out of touch.

Can you only imagine if this was a Democrat?


  1. I love it! I've been confused as to why the wife upgrade hasn't been referred to in the media when Bill Clinton got hell for doing what most men do anyway (or would if they could).

  2. The wife thing, the Keating Five thing, the hiding of his assets thing, the temper thing - McCain has tons of baggage but the media just buries it for him.

    I wish to God the Democrats had the guts to rip him to shreds the same way the Republicans have and will do to the Democrats. But they won't. And the Republicans will win the next election and the war in Iraq will continue and the economy will continue to suffer and nothing will change.

  3. lol My name is Jon Armani and this page came up first when I googled myself . . .


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