Friday, August 14, 2009

Dog Ear Tavern

Recently went to the Dog Ear Tavern at Hudson and Charlton Streets, just south of Houston Street on the far west side. It's a nice big place, with a pool table, and you can also sit and get food there. Unlike a lot of crowded noisy bars, this one is spacious and comfortable. Best of all, you don't have fight your way through the crowd at the bar to get a drink -- a friendly waiter comes up to you and takes your order wherever you may be sitting or standing. Very convenient.

There's a huge blackboard that lists an enormous selection of beers, categorized by country. The prices are a bit on the high side but the selections I had ('fraid to say I forgot the names) were excellent.

I must say that this bar has an AMAZING bathroom. It's huge. Most studio apartments in NYC aren't this big. It's cleanliness is immaculate, it has a post-modernistic bookshelf (!) across from the "terlet", and pictures on the wall. I can officially say that this is my favorite bathroom in NYC as of now. And that alone makes it worth checking this bar out.

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  1. i would agree with that! i'm coming up Sept 10-13...will definitely add it to the itinerary...


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