Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Eating in the Clouds

With the opening of the Highline, NYC now has its first park in the sky. But according to this in-depth article in the New York Observer, "skyscraper restaurants" that look literally look down on the town are withering away.

The Rainbow Room is closed and is having trouble finding a buyer. Other such restaurants are falling on hard times (what isn't these days?). The most popular of these eateries remains the one that revolves at the top of the Marriott Marquis hotel in Times Square. The views sound great but I've never known anyone who's gone there -- or wanted to -- and it's supposed to be not only tacky but something of a culinary graveyard. Considering it's at the top of a hotel, what can you expect?

Obviously the most tragic of the city's sky-high restaurants is Windows on the World that was atop the World Trade Centers and came crashing down with it. I went there once for a party about ten years ago and the views were stunning but the food ... eh. Still, we all wish it was still there.

I haven't been to that many "elevated" restaurants in NYC but I did go to one recently and it's the fantastic. Interestingly, it's far away from midtown and doesn't attract a tourist crowd. It's called Terrace in the Sky and is located on 119th street between Morningside Drive and Amsterdam Avenue. It attracts a lot of people associated with nearby Columbia University and it not only has gorgeous views of Manhattan but also really great food.

The Terrace is a particularly great place in the summertime as you eat in twilight, watching the sun going down over the city and then seeing the glittering lights of Gotham coming alive. Along with a great meal, this place makes for a magical night.


  1. you are a one man itinerary muse...was actually looking for a place like this. thanks for posting!

  2. Hey, now you know s.o. who had some drinks at "The View". We enjoyed it! The elevator was an adventure and just the two of us only for some drinks were seated immediately without reservation at a small table at the windows. While we were turning, the sun went down... an the view was really nice. The dinner-buffet looked a little touristy, but ok. Next time we're in NYC, we're gonna try it. I will tell you how it was.
    Greets from Germany


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