Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Memo from NYC

Dear Republicans,

Congratulations on once again poisoning our body politic with lies, misinformation, distortions, cultural resentment, and racism. You guys may not know how to govern the country, but when it comes to scaring the hell out of people with good old fashioned fear tactics, no one does it better than you guys.


And if you guys kill health care reform for the umpteenth time, you can take a collective bow, safe in the knowledge that poor people will continue to die, thus maintaining the power structure which protects the (mostly white) healthy and wealthy.

See, you Republicans rant and rave about "death panels" but we already have death panels in this country -- they're called health insurance companies. They exist to make a profit, and they only make a profit if they don't cover a lot of sick people or pay out a lot of claims. And what happens when they don't cover people or pay out the claims of sick people? These. Sick. People. DIE!

But what's a few million dead people? At least we'll be saving our country from "socialism"!

And if you Republicans get back into power (shudder hack cough vomit), I'm sure you'll continue to roll back the frontiers of socialism. Why don't you start by getting rid of Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, national parks, the national highway system, and the Federal Reserve? What about the EPA and Veterans Affairs Department? Who needs them?

Please Republicans, take this country back to the time before Roosevelt -- Theodore Roosevelt. After all, ever since he left office 100 years ago, America's just gone down hill.

It's not like we became the world's greatest superpower or something.

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