Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Howard Stern Channel Nine Show

For those of you old enough to remember, you'll recall that Howard Stern had a local show on Channel 9 late on Saturday nights. It was on for less than two years but it was raw, edgy, and funny as hell -- everything you'd expect Howard to be. It was far ahead of its time.

This is actually the first episode that was broadcast in 1990. Howard makes reference to the Zodiac killer who terrorized this city in the summer of that year. It's also really nice to see the late, great Allison Steele on this show -- even if Stuttering John is being a jackass to her.

It's fun to watch this since it was before Howard was REALLY big and famous. He had to start somewhere.

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  1. The Howard Stern Channel Nine Show was arguably the FUNNIEST show EVER put on broadcast TV!

    I remember going to a friend's place in Carroll Gardens...we had already imbibed copius amounts of bozzage, and then the show came on...I believe this episode starred Richard Simmons advertising his "Sweating To The Oldies" exercise tapes...and Richard brought some "fatties" to the show.

    What was he smoking?

    So the crew and Richard and his guests are sitting around the table in a panel discussion, when a bag of chips drops from the ceiling...all I could hear is Jackie's laugh, and I'm DONE.

    When the roasted chicken next came down, I ran out of the room SCREAMING.

    His show used to kick SNL's ASS EVERY WEEKEND!


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