Monday, April 7, 2008

Being Single in NYC (and America): Some Interesting Statistics

Last week Gothamist published a map based on info from Forbes magazine which calculated single men to single women ratios around the country.

Looks like NYC is a great place to a be a single guy and LA a great place to be a single gal: single women outnumber single men in New York City by over 200,000 (YEAH BABY! -- oh God, did I just type that?) while single women outnumber single men in LA by nearly 90,000 (I have no idea how to feel about this; while I pity the men of LA, I never intend to live there so why should I care?).

Actually if you look at the map of the country as a whole you notice that there's more single women on the East Coast and Midwest while the opposite is true for the Western and West Coast states. I have no idea why this is the case but there it is.

So to the single women of NYC: don't feel so bad about rejecting some dude, he's got lots more proverbial fish in this urban sea.

And to the single men of NYC (specifically those "nice guys" who don't get girls): don't feel so bad, your odds are better than you think!


  1. Oh, groan...make that 200,001 more single women in NYC come ;)

  2. I'm sure you'll have no trouble when you get here. Quantity does not equal quality and we need more quality single women (well, and men) in this town :)

  3. This is a real hot button for me. I blogged about it when Time Out NY wrote about the disparity last summer:


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