Friday, April 11, 2008

Farewell Artie Lange?

As you may know, Mr NYC is a big Howard Stern fan and even made the leap with him to satellite radio. Due to it's technological limitations, however, I can't listen to him much each morning but I usually catch replays at night and on the weekend. But I missed what went down yesterday and, apparently, it will never be re-broadcast.

Yesterday Howard's faithful sidekick Artie Lange went mental and attacked his own assistant on the air (the reasons are various, had to do with Artie believing his assistant was stealing money from him). Artie was then restrained but the damage was done. Artie quit on the spot and walked off the show. Now Howard et al. is on vacation until April 21. Will Artie be able to return? Probably not. And it's sad.

New York magazine has a great write up about this along with YouTube videos of the incident and its aftermath (the "videos" are audio only). If you're a Howard fan, check it out!


  1. Do you remember the days of Stuttering Vic?

  2. I vaguely remember Stuttering Vic -- he was Stuttering John's replacement, if I remember correctly, then sorta disappeared. What happened to him?


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