Wednesday, April 16, 2008

I Iz a Graduate

Well in a bit of non-NYC related news, I received my graduate degree today. My mastery in the science of publishing has turned me into Master of Science -- at least that's what my degree says.

Thanks to the good people at NYU for taking so much of my money that I could get this piece of paper (it's 11 x 13 inches so its an over sized piece of paper). I opted to get my degree in the mail so that I wouldn't have to sit through a punishing, dehumanizing, exhausting, boring, god-awful graduation ceremony. Now I can just file away my degree and update the resume. So congratulations to me I guess. One more elitist has been created!

Or maybe not. Who knows? You know lots of people accuse other people of being elitist but my question is, what's wrong with being elitist? Aren't we an elitist nation? Don't we all strive to be elitists in some way? I pray and hope to God that one day I'll be prosperous enough, educated enough, and worldly enough to actually be called an elitist. And when that day happens my reply will be "Thank you!"

And with my degree in hand, I'm on my way!


  1. Congrats! I was actually thinking about getting a masters in publishing and was looking at NYU and Columbia, although I opted not to do it for now, in the end. What are you going to do now?

  2. Thanks! For now I'm going to continue plugging away at my current job and then, when I feel the timing (and economy) is right, look for something better.

    Btw, most publishing programs now are turning into multi-media, communications programs. At least that's what's happened at NYU.

  3. Listening to Pomp and Circumstance always gets me, I can't believe you skipped your ceremony.


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