Monday, October 8, 2007

Stage Deli

The great writer SJ Pearlman once referred to the sit-down delis on Seventh Avenue as the "rich pastrami beds of the West 50s." There are many notable ones, including the Carnegie Deli. But for my money, the best of amongst them is the Stage, on Seventh Avenue and 54th street.

The Stage isn't very big but when you walk in you're hit by a wonderful smell that tells you this is a quality joint. A meal for two will set you back about $50 but you'll eat enough that it'll hold you for the day. My favorite time to go is for breakfast, to get a great Nova Scotia lox omelet with a large orange juice and coffee. The portions are huge and it comes with a bagel and cream cheese. Also good is the corned beef hash served with an egg on top. The Stage Deli is a popular spot, very crowded, so the best time to go is on a weekday morning around 10:30 - after the breakfast rush and before the lunch crowd.

Another nice feature: they take credit cards, which the Carnegie Deli goes not. And they have sandwiches named after celebrities like Joe DiMaggio and Tony Randall, plus some who are still alive. It's a good New York experience - don't let the tourists bother you.

Find out more at: Stage Deli

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  1. I heard that the Stage had some health violations recently. Did they have to close for awhile?

    We went about 3 weeks ago. Too many tourists and the prices were a bit high, but the food was good and the sandwiches were huge!


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