Thursday, May 13, 2010

Audit the MTA!

Regular readers of this blog know how much I dislike the MTA. They make getting around this town a nightmare and the upcoming service cuts are going to hit New Yorkers really, really hard.

Regular readers of this blog also know that I'm a big fan of City Comptroller John Liu, who I enthusiastically endorsed last year.

Well, my vote of confidence has yet again been justified: Comptroller Liu has teamed up with State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli to audit the MTA! They're going to find out just what has this opaque public authority been doing with our money all these years. Hopefully they'll find out why, for the love of God why, this agency has done such a piss poor job transporting New Yorkers.

Specifically, they're going to find out why there are all these late night and weekend service "track work" changes that screw up people's commutes. Are they really necessary? They're finally investigating this, and this is a question one that I've been asking for a long, long time. It seems that they do track work all the time, week after week, year after year. Do they really need to? Hopefully we'll get some answers from this audit.

It's easy to be cynical about politicians, Lord knows, but sometimes you get a really good one and one of those is my man John Liu (and, of course, Mr DiNapoli who I now endorse for re-election this fall).

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