Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm big in Russia

Well, sorta.

Since I don't make (hardly) any money off this blog, I almost never look at my stats to see how many page hits/views/whatever I'm getting. Frankly, I always assume that virtually no one reads this blog but I adore every person who does and am grateful for any and all comments I get (well, most ...).

So color me surprised when I checked out my stats yesterday. Shockingly, Mr NYC gets between 150 and 200 page views a day. That really amazed me since I thought it would be more like two. Even more surprising to me is that, after the USA, the country where this blog is most read is Russia. Comrades! Close on Russia's heels were the United Kingdom and Germany (I have one lovely reader from Germany who comments every so often and it's always nice to hear from her). Other countries on the most read list are Japan (my condolences) followed somewhat distantly by Canada, Denmark, France and China. 

Once I got a comment by a reader in South Africa. That was cool. 

So I guess you (okay, me) could call this an international blog for an international city.  And of course we have lots of readers here in the USA. 

Greetings to all my readers from across the fruited plane, around the world, and all the ships at sea!

And if you are an active reader to Mr NYC, 1) thank you, thank you, thank you, and 2) I'd love to know where you live (not your address or anything creepy like that, just your city/state or country). You can just hit the comment link on this post and drop it in. I'm sure your fellow readers would like to know too. Share and share alike. Thanks! 

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  1. New York, NY

    I am trying to enjoy and embrace this new-to-me (1 year+) city I now call home. I found your blog when I began looking for stuff online that had anything to do with enjoying and learning about NYC.

    Great work! I enjoy reading your posts.


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