Sunday, April 3, 2011

Donald Trump: A Playa' Playin' the Playas y'all!

Okay, so here at Mr NYC, we're gonna get all ghetto for a minute, layin' our smack down and hookin' with da' jive (I have no idea what that means but it sounds "funky").

Anyway, have any of you noticed in the last few weeks that New Yorker extraordinaire, our city's very own fine court jester, Mr. Donald Trump (of real estate and reality TV show fame), blitzing up a media storm, blabbing about running for president? Trump has even joined the lunatic fringe, going all "birther", screaming about President Obama's supposedly non-existent birth certificate (which in fact exists and has been proven multiple times to exist).

Trump is clearly having a good time. And why shouldn't he be? He's been doing this crap for decades, mugging to the camera and the press, saying outrageous stuff, promoting his various corny businesses, all in an attempt to shore up his shallow, narcissistic ego. 

Personally, I love the guy. He's a real character, he's never boring, and he's an only in New York type of guy. But the idea of him as a serious presidential candidate is clearly nonsense, and he knows it and we all know it. What's surprising to me, and probably surprising to Trump, is that the media seems to be taking him seriously.

As in, fo' real.

You would like to believe that, in the richest and most powerful country on earth, we would have a sophisticated and shrewd media. That the "playas" in the media world would check and balance the "playas" in the political, business, and entertainment universe. But they don't. They fail miserably. The media in this country continues to get played and made to look foolish.

Think back to when the Bush administration played the media into hyping the threat of non-existent Iraqi WMD that led to one of the longest and most disastrous wars in our nation's history.

Think about the cast of the "Jersey Shore" and all the attention they get for ... doing what exactly?

Think about Charlie Sheen and his insane rants ... and all the attention he gets.

And think about Donald Trump, a bored rich guy, a veteran self-promoter, talking emptily running for president ... and getting all this attention. 

I don't blame Trump. He's a playa'. I blame the media -- for letting him play them again and again and again. As foolish as he is, the media is just as foolish for paying him all this attention and taking this clown even semi-seriously. He's an object of ridicule ridiculing the press -- and the press, in its masochistic manner, seems to be enjoying it. As unbelievable as the idea of Donald Trump as President is, the press going gaga over him is equally unbelievable -- and depressingly real.

As the rappers and the pimps might say: either you're a playa or you get played. Donald Trump is a big time playa playin' the playas and they're getting played while he gets paid and gets laid and they don't get paid and probably not laid as much as him.  


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