Saturday, August 27, 2011

Come on, Irene

Actually, please don't.

But it will anyway. Yes, Hurricane Irene has made landfall, currently battering North Carolina and Virginia and is, at this moment, headed towards NYC. Tropical storms will be beginning soon and, tomorrow morning, the hurricane itself hits the city. Yikes.

Millions of fingers are crossed around town that somehow this storm will be blow east at the last minute and spare us -- or, at least, spare us the worst of it. But at the moment that seems unlikely. Right now the wife and I are hunkered down, with food and flashlights and drinking water to spare.  Also, we have a good-old fashioned Walkman and emergency radio on hand. Let's hope we won't need any of this stuff. We shall see.

The state and city governments are, at the moment, currently going crazy trying to prepare the city and evacuate people for this thing. Sadly, some nudniks are staying put, insisting that the storm won't be that bad and that they'll just ride it out. Let's just hope they're right -- but I don't think so. 

Remember: only call 911 for emergencies. For any other stuff, call 311. 

Also, check the right-side of this blog for links to the state, city, and federal governments for more info. (I knew when I put them there four-plus years ago they'd come in handy one day. Go me.)

Obviously you should keep watching NY1 or listening to the radio for updates. Mayor Bloomberg and other officials are doing a good job keeping the city informed about what's going on. I'll try to jump on here as often as possible and, once the storm is over, I'll certainly blog again. In the meantime, stay safe, stay dry, stay sane; let's prepare for the best and hope for the best (or wait, for a moment I thought I was Georg W. Bush -- I mean ... you know ... you know what I mean).

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