Monday, February 27, 2012

Woody Wins

NYC should proud today.

Last night NYC's premiere filmmaker Woody Allen won his fourth Academy Award -- Best Original Screenplay for "Midnight in Paris." For the last 35 years, Woody has been nominated 23 times -- fifteen of them for best original screenplay (a record), seven times for best director, and once for best actor. 

And he has never shown up to collect any of them.

Most filmmakers would dream of being nominated as many times as Woody has. For most actors, writers, and directors, an Oscar nomination (and win), is a once in a lifetime thing. Some get nominated a few times over their careers -- and those are the really lucky ones. 

But Woody breathes the most rarefied of air. His string of nominations over the last four decades puts him the category of writers and directors like John Ford, Billy Wilder, David Lean, and Steven Spielberg. For him, an Oscar nomination (and the occasional win) is no big deal.

And he doesn't care at all.

Why? Let him explain for himself. 

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