Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy in NYC: The Aftermath

Well, Sandy is gone but her ravages remain.

NYC was hit by one of the worst storms in its history. Hundreds of thousands are without power, the subways are out, homes have been destroyed, trees are scattered everywhere, and chaos reigns.

But not really -- not the chaos part anyway.

The city is slowly but surely getting back together. Trees are being removed, the subways are being pumped out, people are getting shelter, and power is being restored gradually. It's tough but the city is surviving.

I must say, I'm very impressed with how well the state, city and federal governments have responded to this. Mayor Bloomberg, Governor Cuomo and President Obama have been outstanding in providing help and relief from this huge storm.

Right now the chattering classes are talking about how this storm shouldn't be politicized but forgive me if I go ahead an politicize it right now. This storm shows why Willard Mitt Romney and his sleazy sidekick Paul Ryan must not be elected president and vice-president next week and why it's more urgent than ever that Barack Obama and Joe Biden be returned to the White House for four more years.  

First, this storm is a result of global warming. Don't believe me? Check this out. 

Second, what we saw in President Obama's response was that of a leader who cares about the people he serves and believes that government has a role to provide relief. His FEMA is not stocked with hacks and incompetents like Bush's was. Even Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, is praising Obama's leadership. As for Romney? He's actually said that he doesn't believe the federal government has a role in disaster relief! I kid you not! So if Romney had been president the last four years Osama Bin Laden would still be alive, the American motor industry would be dead, and the federal government would be AWOL form this awful storm. Thank God he's not president now -- and let's hope to god he won't be president the next time a disaster hits NYC or anywhere else in America. 

It's a risk we can't take.

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