Monday, January 28, 2013

Ya'll listen now! Ya' hear?

NYC hasn't had a country music radio station in over 17 years.

Believe it or not, this town actually used to have a thriving country music station (I believe it was called WYNY) but since this is, you know, New York City, it eventually died out and it wasn't replaced.

Why? you wonder

Who knows? But it's probably safe to say that the Bush presidency didn't exactly make New Yorkers thirst for redneck music on their radio.

But now it's back! 

Apparently a nationwide radio station called NASH has snagged a place on the NYC radio dial at 94.7 FM. Yessir, ya' wanna listen to some Alan Jackson or Garth Brooks or .... whatever ... you gotta place for it on the dial. 

So put on your cowboy hat, chew some tabakky, break out some moonshine, and enjoy.

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