Friday, February 8, 2013

Bloomberg's Next Mission: London

Mayor Bloomberg has less than a year in office left and the big question is: what will he do next?

When you have north of $20 billion, you don't exactly need to find a regular job to pay the bills. However, Bloomberg is a super Type A personality and isn't exactly the type of person to retire so he can go play golf and catch the early-bird special. No, he's a driven man -- first he built a global corporation and then he reshaped NYC. What's left? 

How about another major city in another country? Like London.

No, it's doubtful that Bloomberg will become mayor of London. After all, he isn't a British citizen (as far as I know), so there's no point. But according to this article, he has an eye on conquering the town with his enormous wealth and influence in other ways. He wants to be a "player" in that town, as much as he is in NYC.

In many ways, he already has conquered London. His company is building a huge office building there and Bloomberg is already part of the top echelon of British society. Most of all, the British Prime Minister and the Mayor of London have looked to Bloomberg for advice on how to govern -- so his influence is already there. But the rumor is that Bloomberg, after he leaves office, plans to spend more time there and become less of American citizen and more of a global citizen. When you have homes all over the world, after all, that's easy to achieve. It'll be interesting to see what he does.

But that's the great thing about NYC -- when you live here, you are a global citizen of sorts. The world comes to NYC. Of course with Bloomberg's billions, it's easier to be more of one than others, but in this town of global citizens, at least he's in good company.

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