Sunday, April 7, 2013

Douches Rush In ...

Since I'm not cool, Mr NYC has never really done the city's club scene. 

Oh, I've been to some trendy bars and lounges (usually after being invited by some of the few "beautiful" people that the wife and I know) but, otherwise, the exclusive clubs in this town exclude a wretch like me. 

Which I'm okay with. Really.

The few times that I've ever been to one of these trendy places, I'm always overwhelmed by the douche factor. The guys all wear ugly expensive clothes or $500 blue jeans with holes in them, and the women are all dressed like prostitutes. These places are always overcrowded, the music is always blasting (making conversation impossible), the drinks cost a fortune and aren't that good, and I never get the sense that anyone is really having a good time. 

Especially me.

And since these places are so hot and crowded, there's always this nauseating perfume of sweat in the air -- that should be bottled and called Scent of Douche. These places are just awful

And apparently they are getting violent.

Last year, at one of these clubs that is so exclusive that you either have to be a celebrity or come from a family of billionaires, a bunch of people got into a brawl. This was no small deal. These were very rich people punching each other out and it has now caused lawsuits to be filed and media stories to be written -- like this one from Vanity Fair. It caused the club to close down and is causing ruptures in NYC club life. 

The horror!

When I read this, I couldn't help but laugh. These clubs are just douche magnets and I'm actually not surprised that fights like these break out -- in fact, I'm surprised that they don't break out every night in NYC. Now that I'm married and have a kid, I don't go out much so it's good to know that I'll probably not be in this club -- or any other -- where people are knocking each other out. 

It only goes to show that douches rush in where daddies fear to tread.

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