Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas NYC Redux

As I've written before, there's nothing more magical than Christmas in NYC. A couple of years ago, I blogged about a guy to the holidays in our fair city and here's another one called "The Untouristy Guide to the Holidays in New York."

Some of the suggestions, if you're celebrating the city here: go to the big tree at Rockefeller Center, ice skate in Central Park, see "The Nutcracker", the creche at the Metropolitan Museum, and window shop at Macy's.

Frankly, I think these suggestions are pretty touristy but they're fun all the same. My favorite spot for Christmas in NYC is standing at the corner of Grand Army Plaza at night, looking at the Plaza Hotel and lower edge of Central Park ablaze in lights and covered in decorations. It's a very New York, very Christmas sight to see.

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