Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spiritual NYC

Here's an interesting WNYC segment from last week about living a spiritual life in NYC -- with 8.4 million souls in this city, there's literally a lot of spirit in this town.

While people from other parts of the country think of New York as a city teeming with Godless-Communist-homosexual-pornographers, this couldn't be further from the truth. You can't walk down a street in this town without hitting a church, a synagogue, a temple, a mosque, or some other place where you can pray. The spiritual life in NYC is diverse and flourishing.

And not all the spiritual activity in this town is constrained to formal houses of worship. 

Many people think of Ground Zero as a holy site, understandably. And other spots in this town can provide emotional and spiritual uplift for people -- think of Central Park on a sunny day or an amazing view from a skyscraper. Those may not be places where you pray, but something transcendent can certainly happen.

Spirituality can be found everywhere in NYC. Sometimes you need to find it and sometimes it finds you.


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