Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Gotta Love Mr NYC ... Lurkers

I love getting comments from Mr NYC readers, particularly when they are funny, smart, or add information to the post that was lacking.

Sometimes, however, I get comments that are downright strange. For instance:

"Greetings admin I like your topic, after reading your article very helpful at all and can be a source of reference I will wait for your next article updates Thank you, for sharing sex shop sex shop semarang sex toys penis getar goyang obat pembesar penis sex toys vagina senter obat penggemuk badan obat kuat viagra obat kuat cialis boneka sex full body obat perangsang wanita obat penghilang tatto vimax asli o" 

Now, while I appreciate that the reader found the post helpful, I didn't include any info regarding a sex shop or organs so I don't really know what this reader was getting at.

The other comment that was curious was: "This is a great option for best escort girls unlimited enjoy.Thanks Companions in Prague & Czech porn escorts". I don't know why the reader thought my blog was conducive to this kind of business but, again, I guess I'm sort of flattered by the attention.

Of course I know that these are just spam messages but still ... how does Mr NYC attract such comments? I thought this was a classy blog.

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