Friday, July 27, 2007

Le Perigord

Tonight my beloved and I went to Le Perigord, the restaurant where tout le monde en NYC go when they want classic French food. This isn't Le Cirque or one of those places that serve nouvelle cuisine. Mais non! It's hardcore, real French cuisine, and it's quite good.

Even though we were going as part of Restaurant Week, upon entering, the French maitre'd said "Welcome home!" The service was good too. We had a delicious pate appetizer, followed by a delicious lambe au jus and their famous desert the Floating Island (a puffy meringue and custard concoction). It wasn't the greatest meal I've ever had but the elegant, low-key atmosphere and well-prepared food made for a pleasurable time.

Overall, I say Le Perigord's a good bet if you want a classy and quiet evening. It's part of classy New York, not "trendy" New York. And it's nice to know places like this still exist.

Le Perigord

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