Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Magnolia Bakery

Yuppie hearts were pounding last week when the famous Magnolia bakery had to shut its doors for a day. The Board of Health determined that it had one too few handwashing sinks so this was remedied quickly and now cupcakes are being scooped up once more.

Magnolia cupcakes are probably the most delicious you'll ever have. They are thick and rich and are a sweet-tooth's delight. But be careful: although Mr NYC is a devout cupcake lover and has a huge appetite, not even I can devour more than two at a time. Oh, and they cost about $2 a pop so you'll be doing both your waistline and pocket book a favor if you practice restraint.

Located at 11 street and Bleecker in the West Village, there are usually long lines out the door. Try going in the middle of the afternoon, at night, or on a weekend, and there'll be a good 15 minute wait. The best time to go, I found, is right after work, between 5 and 6 PM. People are usually not thinking about cupcakes at that hour so it's a good time to go and pick up a bunch.

Magnolia is also a stop on the "Sex and the City" tour. If you're interested in that, here's the link: Location/SATC

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