Saturday, December 22, 2007

MTA Metro Card Price Hike

The MTA just announced that the price of the monthly unlimited Metro Card is going from $76 to $81. Let Mr NYC help you with the annual economics of this:

$81 x 12 = $972

$76 x 12 = $912

$972 - $912 = $60

So it's gonna cost us monthly unlimited riders an extra $60 a year - $60 we might otherwise spend on ourselves or those we love (or would like to love).

The regular fare for a single ride will remain at $2 so us NYC residents will basically be subsidizing the tourists.

Welcome to NYC 2008. Egads.

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  1. For the record, Mr. Missouri is completely in favor of Mr. NYC subsidizing his occasional forays into the big bad city. (Also, it was nice seeing you a few weeks back, and the Woody playing pool thing is hilarious).


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