Monday, June 30, 2008

Nekkid People

I'm sure most of you are wondering where you can find a nude -- sorry, clothing optional -- beach in the NYC area. Well, you can, in good ol' Joisy. This article from today's Times gives you the low-down (or is that the down-low?) on Gunnison Beach, located in Monmouth County.

Ferrying From Manhattan to Bare It All on the Beach

You can get there a twice a day by ferry from Manhattan and go sun yourself au naturale -- or, if you're like most guys, just stare at the unrobed. You are expressly not allowed to take pictures or bring glass containers. And while people may be showing their naughty bits, no naughty "bidness" is allowed.

Yours truly has never been there but those who go seem to love it (no shock there). If you want to learn more, check out Friends of Gunnison Beach.

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  1. Conventional word has it that people who go to nude beaches shouldn't be taking off their clothes in the first place.


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