Monday, May 4, 2009

Bolt Bus Update

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about Bolt Bus, the super-cool service that runs between DC and Boston. I had noted that it's generally a big city bus service (only stopping in DC, Philly, NYC, and Boston) and doesn't stop in any of the more mid-size cities in between.

Well, since Mr NYC has so much clout, the good people who promote Bolt Bus emailed me today to let me know that, starting May 7, Bolt Bus will now be running to Baltimore. In fact, between May 7 and 10, all tickets to Baltimore only cost $1. That's good news for anyone who's got a reason to head to Charm City.

So it looks like Bolt Bus is here to stay and is only getting better.


  1. That's pretty cool. You should also check out BusJunction. It has Bolt Bus tickets as well.

  2. Don't rely on BoltBus if you ever need to work. Their internet and electrical outlets are unreliable. The only reason I'd ever chose them is because they have both internet and electrical outlets, while other companies don't. But in my extensive experience, their amenities work less than half of the time. When they don't work, their drivers are unapologetic and their customer service representatives are confrontational. I'll never spend a dollar of my travel money again on this company, which is just a subsidiary of Greyhound, so I'm not sure why I'm always surprised when stuff does not work.

  3. BEWARE!!! While boltbus maybe economical they fail to deliver a secure way of handling their passengers luggage. I had my suitcase stolen on a route from New York to Baltimore on October 18th 2009. Because I was in the rear of the bus by the time I departed the suitcases were already outside on the street, all except for mine and another passenger. I was on my way back to college and had with me three quarters of my belongings, of which I brought home to launder. Now I sit here in my dorm room with few clothes left. They claim they are not responsible however they should be required to wait until each passenger exits the bus before unloading luggage!! Remember you may be saving money on your travels but it can cost you more in the end if they steal your bag!!!

  4. My luggage also went missing on a Bolt Bus.

    I took the Bolt Bus from NYC to Greenbelt on Dec 21 at 2:15pm.

    The lost-and-found number is not currently listed on the website, but should be, in the event that someone goes home with the wrong bag accidentally.

    Until then, Lost & Found/driver operations can be reached at:

    As for theft, a simple tagging system or, as suggested above, simply waiting for all passengers to disembark before starting the free-for-all would have prevented the loss of valuables in both cases.

  5. They just advised all the people attempting to return to philadelphia they have no drivers and are on their own find their way back philadelphia. when I spoke to the manager devon he advised me there's nothing he can do. I called back again hung up on me I attempted several times a call back with no answer. Devon left women and children stranded in new york city with no option but a 8-10 block walk to the nearest bus station. They should lose their license this will be reported

  6. Beware! My son took a Bolt Bus from NYC to Washington DC at 1:30 p.m., put his old duffle bag under the bus and when he got to DC, it wasn't there. When I tried to call "customer service" Monica curtly transferred me to lost and found where the man who answered hung up on me. I called her back and she said she could do nothing about it. She gave me an email address: and a senior vice president's name of Jim Austin. They really do need to change their system if so many bags are being stolen. Shame on them!

  7. Today from Eugene OR to Seattle with baggage doors opened in Portland, my bag was stolen. I did not get off the bus as it was raining so did not see the thief. Driver said they are not responsible. Bad service.


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