Friday, May 1, 2009

Gotta Love New Yorkers ... but not the MTA

So I'm in the subway, rattling on up to 14th street, minding my own 'bidness, when the robot voice comes over the PA and says, quite voice-of-God-like: "Please be advised: a crowded subway car is no excuse for unwanted sexual contact."

And it gets better: not only were these lovely words blared throughout the train but they also flashed above the passengers on the same screen that announces the subway stops!

Like this wasn't an uncomfortable moment! All of the passengers got a "What the hell?" look.

My only thoughts when I heard this were, "What about wanted sexual contact?"

Then, naturally, I thought of the children. Imagine, some little girl might hear this and ask, "Mommy, what's sexual contact?"

How should mommy respond?

Probably her best response would be, "Don't worry honey, you'll find out in high school ..."

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