Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brooklyn Eats

Mr NYC's been doing some hanging in Brooklyn recently, chilling in what used to be America's 4th largest city. Specifically I've been in Bayridge and Park Slope, two of the most beautiful and picturesque neighborhoods in the whole city. I've also had the pleasure of sampling some really great food in both 'nabes.

Peppino's: this pizza restaurant in Bayridge has, hands down, the best pizza I've ever had in NYC. Not kidding. Serving classic Neapolitan fair, they make a great brick oven pie. I had a plain medium sized pie that was still pretty big and the cheese and the sauce and the crust were just perfect that it melted in my mouth. You can tell that they use really good ingredients for their pizza. Also, the prices are much more reasonable than Manhattan and the service was friendly and good. You seriously need to go to this place.

Bonnie's: if you want a burger and great fries, this popular Park Slope is a must go to. It's often referred to as being like a college diner, but to me it had the feeling of an old-fashioned greasy spoon joint -- without the grease. The burgers are char-grilled and served with your choice of cheese, lettuce and tomatoes, and onions. The fries are really good, not too salty or oily, and they come in large portions. Better yet, on the tables, in addition to ketchup and mustard, they have things like Tabasco sauce, A1, and other seasonings. They also have a special mayo sauce that everyone loves. Bonnie's is probably best known for its genuine Buffalo wings. They are good! I don't even like wings that much but I liked these. Just be warned: they are really spicy. Even the so-called medium spiced wings were really hot. Best of all, the prices are quite reasonable. We ordered a lot of food but the bill, for four people, came to less than $20 a person and we ordered drinks (even wine). So if you're in the Slope, go to Bonnie's.

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  1. That's America's THIRD largest city to you, bub. At least it was during most of the latter half of the 19th century. And I wouldn't call Bonnie's a diner (small menu, small place, actual flavor), but I would call it awesome. Peppino's sounds great, too.


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