Monday, September 14, 2009

NYC Democratic Primary Endorsements

So tomorrow is Primary Day here in NYC. That's when candidates vying for the various political offices will either win the blessing of the Democratic party electorate or be told to look for work elsewhere. There are so many offices and so many candidates, its impossible to keep track of them all.

Some candidates don't have primary challengers so they won't be on the ballot tomorrow (they're just killing time until the General election in November). However, the Primary tomorrow is still important because most of those who triumph tomorrow are 99.9% guaranteed to win in the General.

The one glaring exception is the Democratic primary for Mayor. The winner of that race is almost 99.9% certain to be steamrolled by Mike Bloomberg's Republican wallet into a defeated pancake. Such is life.

Mr NYC has various reasons for the following endorsements but the big one is this: I will NOT endorse anyone who either voted for and/or is running for a third term to the same office. I am one New Yorker who is still super-pissed about the term limits change last year. Lest we forget ...

So here they are, the first Mr NYC primary endorsements (I'll give my other reasons, if any, as well):

Mayor: Bill Thompson. Been a great Comptroller these last eight year, met him a few times and he's a good guy. He should be Mayor.

Public Advocate: Eric Goia. Really good guy and a very hard worker. He's a kid from Queens who's done good and never forgotten his old neighborhood. When he could have been earning a fortune at a high-priced law firm, he instead dedicated his career to public service. We're lucky to have him.

Comptroller: John Liu. Another dedicated public servant who've I met a few times. Good guy. Recently I saw him at a forum on an 85 degree night where he took questions for quite a while in a room without air conditioning. He's got my vote just for that.

Manhattan District Attorney: Richard Aborn. This has been probably been the most entertaining election this year. Ninety-year old Robert Morgenthau is retiring after 35 years in office and the three-way race to succeed him is tight. Leslie Crocker Snyder (who challenged him four years ago) is running again and making all sorts of wild and fallacious attacks against her opponents. Cy Vance Jr is running and seems to have no real qualifications for this job other than his father was Jimmy Carter's Secretary of State and was pals with Bob Morgenthau. Aborn, on the other hand, is the only one behaving like an adult in this race and I've liked what I've read about him. So I say, vote the grown-up!

Queens Borough President: Marc Leavitt. The incumbent Queens Borough President, Helen Marshall, is running for a third term. Case closed.

Brooklyn Borough President: Whoever isn't Marty Markowitz. I don't know if anyone is challenging this idiot who's running for a third term but Markowitz is so obnoxious and such a dope that anyone who's living in Brooklyn and reading this and voting tomorrow, just please vote against him if you can. PLEASE!

If you need any more info, please visit the New York City Board of Elections website.

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  1. Gus Soumas has gotten Dom Long and Troy Savino to endorse Thomson in October!


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