Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Luger's Haus "Rules"

The following comes courtesy of my father-in-law. Enjoy.

To maximize your dining experience it is IMPORTANT to follow these simple rules of behavior and dining at Peter Luger's in Brooklyn. Note: these rules do not apply if you are dining in the Great Neck location.

1. Never ask for a menu.

2. If a waiter offers you a menu - ask management for a more qualified waiter.

3. How to recognize a qualified waiter:
a. He must have a proper Germanic name - Wolfgang, Hans, Schmitt or Gunter.
b. He must be over 60 years old and have a nasty disposition.
c. References by him to his childhood days as "stumpfenkinder."

4. Never ask for a special order, never order items that are not on the menu.

5. Do not order soup. Soup is for "zustanzabes", they don't ever sell it.

6. Do not try to act like a pro by asking for items not on the menu like red onions or scalloped potatoes.

7. To look like a pro, I suggest the following openers:
a. Bermuda onions and Steakhouse tomatoes
b. Bacon strips and
c. Wet and dry Gorgonzola dressing. Never combine it with Peter Luger's sauce, in fact, avoid using the special Luger's sauce that is only for tourists and rookies.

8. Never offer to pick up the tab. They do not accept credit cards.

9. No matter how big your fancy stretch limo is or how hot and expensive your brand new sports car is, do not try to bribe the attendant to park in front of the establishment. That space is reserved for a "special" customer and only that customers - it is always left vacant.

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