Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Time Doth Fly

Oh. My. God.

Has it really been more than two weeks since I last blogged? Guess so. It goes without saying that life has been, in these two weeks, "mad busy, yo." Since my last post, I entertained friends visiting from out of town, then went out of town myself for New Year's, then came back and spent the last week working like a dog, doing shopping and errands galore in between, planning some upcoming trips, and just basically taking care of life stuff. Mad, mad busy.

So what's been going on in and with NYC during my cyber absence? Eh some good stuff, some bad stuff. On January 1st, Mayor Bloomberg began his historic third term, state government continues to implode, and there lots of political jockeying going on. (Will Governor Paterson run? Will AG Cuomo muscle him aside? Will a former Representative from Tennessee challenge Senator Gillibrand? Why is Rick Lazio running for anything again? Why isn't Pataki running for anything? Why is your state a hopeless laughing stock?).

And not to mention that the weather in NYC has been cold, cold, cold. I mean like really, really COLD.

But I'd rather light a candle than curse the darkness. Some good political news: my state State Senator, George Onorato of Queens, is retiring and Assemblyman Mike Gianaris is running to replace him. This is great news! Onorato is a reactionary fossil who voted against marriage equality and is basically on the wrong side of many important issues. Gianaris is a fresh, exciting candidate, a good guy with a strong work ethic, progressive politics, and oodles of charm. I've met him and seen him speak and he's got The Thing. Mr NYC heartily endorses him.

And another piece of good news: the Jets! After lucking their way into the AFC Wild Card game, they went ahead and actually WON IT! I watched the whole game on Saturday and they played a good, steady game against the Bengals, winning it 24-14. Now they go into the AFC Divisional round against the San Diego chargers. And hopefully, after that, the Super Bowl! Mr NYC's fingers are tightly, tightly crossed.

So I promise to blog a lot more frequently in the days and weeks ahead. That is, if you still care. Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Hey Mr. NYC, nice to read you again. Happy 2010!

    We've spent a night in your city the week before christmas, before we went to see our friends and family in NJ and Catskill mountains. And you're right, it was biting cold!! But my nephew did a great job, he got us in for dinner at Momofuku ko that night. Too bad we couldn't stay longer in the city, but we just had 10 days and were busy with the family.

    So keep on blogging, we'll be back soon! :)

    Greets from snowy Germany


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