Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Gotta Love New Yorkers

Grace under pressure is a most noble virtue. And New Yorkers have it in spades. I just saw a great example of it today.

This afternoon on the subway a truly horrible man walked onto my crowded train, cracked open a Bible, and began ranting about how gays are going burn in hell.
Yes, he was that original.

This guy was something else. Loathsome in every way. He talked about how we might all die at any moment, how our dinner tonight might be the last meal we ever eat, and then he hit a real low by saying that if there were any gay earthquake victims in Haiti that now they are now "being fried."

Wow! It truly stuns me, the vile hatred that some people can hold in their hearts. It would never occur to me to think that, let alone say (or yell) it out loud.

This guy kept yakking about how gays can only be saved if they are "born again" and "accept Jesus." Then he talked about how he used to be a drug addict until he himself was born again. Apparently, in this guy's warped mind, spewing virulent hatred has made him a better person than when he was on drugs. In my opinion, he was a better person then.

God must be shaking his head, depressed that guys like this make Him look ridiculous.

I really hate people like this guy. The most insufferable people are those who used to be "bad" -- drinking, drugging, whoring, committing crimes, etc. -- then are "saved" and replace their addictive behavior with religion. Then these people go around and try to "save" everyone else "come to the Lord." Apparently they can't believe that some people in this world can be neither a degenerate or a religious freak.

Our last president was a guy like this. The entire horrible presidency of George W. Bush, another bad boy turned "good" who was "born again" -- who thought God wanted him to be in office, who pushed a radical religious agenda down our throats, who invaded Iraq after consulting, not his own father who was also president and fought against Iraq, but his "higher father" -- was an example of this.

At least this prick on the subway today didn't have access to the most powerful military on Earth.

But I digress. What impressed me today was how my fellow New Yorkers reacted to this guy. Namely, they didn't. Nobody said a word, no one tried to shout him down, and thankfully no else encouraged him by shouting "right on" or crap like that. They just ignored him. They didn't get rattled. They just let the baby cry. A handful of my fellow New Yorkers kept their cool and behaved like adults -- and believe me, I'm sure I wasn't the only one who wanted to slug him (I actually had a fantasy of kicking him in the nuts just as I was getting off the train but thought the better of it).

So you, my fellow New Yorkers on the train this afternoon, made me proud. Thank you.

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