Thursday, June 24, 2010

Key to the City

Now here's an idea: you no longer have to be a celebrity, sports star, or other famous figure if you want to get a key to the city. All you gotta do is head to Times Square and get one.

Currently, in the crossroads of the world, is a kiosk called Key to the City that bestows keys to people who have demonstrated a noble reason to receive one. This might be because you have a perfect attendance record at school, or that you call your mom everyday, or that you read to school kids -- whatever! -- if you can convince the holder of these keys at the kiosk that you somehow deserve a key, you'll get one. And you might even meet people online and make new friends.

Better yet, these keys actually open stuff. There are twenty-four locations over the city where you can use these keys and get into special places that are otherwise closed to the general public. How cool is that?

This is a very interesting, unusual, somewhat tricky to understand project. But if sounds like a wonderful only-in-New York kind of thing, a little piece of everyday magic.

Unlocking New York, One Date at a Time

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