Tuesday, December 28, 2010

One for the History Books

Having lived in NYC all my life, I've lived through many a snowstorm. The blizzard of 1996 was a tough one and even earlier this year we had a couple of significant snowfalls. But there's something about this snowstorm that seems different. Even though only two feet of snow have fallen, it has paralyzed this town in a way I can't remember before. 

Walk down the street and cars are buried underneath piles of snow. Several people I know and work with haven't been able to get to their jobs and we haven't received our mail since Friday. What de' hell is goin' on, mang?

Some are calling it incompetence by Mayor Bloomberg and the departments of Sanitation and Emergency Management. The mayor's flunkies/defenders are saying that it's a union slowdown, protesting pending budget cuts. What seems clear, however, is that no one really knows why this snowstorm has become such a drag on the city. Usually the streets are plowed ASAP and trains and buses run just fine. Not this time. For some reason, due to either poor coordination or intentional sabotage, city services are being turned into molasses by a snowstorm that is, by everything I can tell, not that bad.

You know Mayor Mike is having problems and doesn't have a full grasp of the situation when he starts pleading for patience. Whenever politicians plead for patience from the public (did ya' like that alliteration) then you know their efforts are doomed (think Bush and Iraq). 

But at least our Mayor is in town and trying to handle the situation. Over in New Jersey, Governor Christie and his Lieutenant Governor decided to jet off to Florida and Mexico, respectively. Apparently when given news that a snowstorm was headed his way, he didn't see any need to change his plans. What a pathetic guy.   

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