Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day NYC

Well its looks like the three-day holiday weekend is shaping up to be a four-day holiday/snow day weekend. Today NYC and the entire East Coast of the USA is buried underneath 20 inches of snow. Shovels, snow plows, and de-icing machines are being used full blast and New Yorkers, such as yours truly, are both enjoying the extra day off while trying to wrestle with cabin fever.

Many thanks to our city workers -- cops, firefighters, EMTs, and most of all the MTA and sanitation workers -- who are out there today in this brutal weather keeping us safe. It's easy for politicians and various blowhards to demonize public sector workers but, on days like today, we should be very grateful for the work they do. After all, on days like this, where would our city be without them?

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  1. Hey man... Still thawing out in Hell's Kitchen... Happy New Year to ya!!!


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