Monday, February 21, 2011

Battle of the Beers

We New Yorkers, like all good Americans, love to drink us some brew. We may not be Milwaukee (or even Canada, eh?) but, in this town, you can get just about any beer you'd like from anywhere in the world.

And for the last twenty years, the Brooklyn Brewery has been putting out some damn good beer, showing that NYC concedes to no one when it comes to making quality brew.

But -- oh no! Despite its dominance, Brooklyn Beer is being ignored in its own backyard. Micro and craft breweries are challenging our hometown, big time brewery and lots of restaurants and bars in town are ignoring it too. Obviously Brooklyn Brewery is fighting back but it may not be long before our very own brewery is quashed by hippies making their own homemade beer in their backyards next to their compost heaps.

I guess, in NYC, if you can make it here ... that doesn't mean everyone will want whatever it is you make. 

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