Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Carmelo Comes to Town

For those of you still broken hearted that Le Bron James snubbed joining the Knicks last year (he decided to take his "talents to Miami"), you may now dry your eyes. Our savior has come!

His name is Carmelo Anthony.

The superstar basketball player for the Denver Nuggets was traded to the Knicks in a complex deal that involves other players being traded from the Knicks to the Nuggets, a few others players being traded to the Knicks, and then some cash (roughly $3 million) trading hands. 

So now the Knicks has another big-time player and sports experts are calling this a blockbuster deal that could our city's sorry NBA team's fortunes around. In the last few years, the Knicks were doing so badly that the team was literally bribing New Yorkers to come to games. I went to a game in late 2009 where, for $20, I not only got a decent seat in the Garden but also a t-shirt and a free popcorn and soda.  

Last season, however, the Knicks got its act together and now such deals are gone. And now that Carmelo is joining the Knicks, suddenly b-ball will be cool in NYC again in a way it hasn't been since the glory days of Patrick Ewing. 

Best of luck, Carmelo, and best of luck Knicks. We're counting on you to make our city supreme in all sports once again!

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