Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Decade of Bloomberg

On January 1st, 2012, it will mark exactly ten years since Mike Bloomberg took office as Mayor. We are fast-approaching that date and, two years from that day, he will be mayor no more.

This has been the decade of Bloomberg in NYC and already the man is thinking and talking about his legacy. Thing is, he doesn't seem all that interested in NYC anymore. He views himself as a national leader, a spokesman for the political center. And while people still think he's a smart guy and been a successful leader, at least at home, his charm and presence are wearing thin.

This article goes in depth about the developing consensus about the decade of Bloomberg and it seems to nail it quite right. Simply put, people think he's been a good mayor and good countervailing influence on our other toxic political culture. But they also think he's been around a little too long, overstayed his welcome, and the public is clearly getting sick of him. He's like the guest who's the life of the party and tells all the great jokes -- but the won't leave after his jokes become unfunny.

So as the decade of Bloomberg grinds on to its twelve year deadline, it looks like we have two and a half more years of unfunny jokes from our city's increasing unwelcome party guest. 

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