Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zebra Update

In case you were wondering, the reason there was a zebra milling around Soho earlier this week (and thus the photos below), is that Men in Black 3 was being shot in the area. Apparently this was the reason for the zebra and for the entire neighborhood being menaced by this production all week.

I work in the area and was literally forced into streets since the sidewalks were jammed with over sized lights, production crews, Kraft service tables, and gigantic tubes (presumably there to blow area or something like that). Even worse, tourists and gawkers were crowding the vicinity, trying to catch a glimpse and shoot a picture of Will Smith. It was a nightmare! And not only that, but apparently Mr. Smith had a gigantic, oversized vanity trailer that had to be moved to a private parking lot -- since it was taking up valuable parking space.

Oh well, I hope this will help the NYC economy. And this movie better be good otherwise I will personally by PO'd.  

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