Monday, June 27, 2011

Gay Marriage Means Mo' Money

In all the arguments that were made for the passage of marriage, one very powerful argument that was not frequently made was -- and is -- this: money. Namely, the amount of money that gay nuptials will generate for the NYC economy.

Think about it: in these economically distressed times, a whole new business will be created out of gray marriage. Tthe Gay Wedding Industrial Complex! 

Caterers and florists and wedding planners will see their businesses flourish, more people than ever will be booking spaces for weddings, friends and families will be coming into town will patronize our hotels and restaurants, boosting business. All in all, gay marriage will be great for the city's economy. That reason alone is enough to justify the legalization of gay marriage.

And as someone who got married in NYC two years ago, I can tell you this: the greatest city in the world is the greatest place to get married in.

One of Mayor Bloomberg's few remaining virtues is his knowledge about what makes money and he knows that gay marriage will make money for NYC. In fact, he's already boosting NYC as a gay marriage destination. 

So come one, come all! Step right up and marry your boyfriend and girlfriend! (And drop your cash here while you're at it).

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