Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spiderman is Back!

And damn, he is really expensive.

Over the last several months, this town has been all a-twitter (and Tweeting a lot, I'm sure) about the debacle that is the Spiderman musical on Broadway. This strange, clunky musical just opened after months and months and months of previews and the reviews have been mostly lukewarm. 

The musical is making about $1.3 million a week in ticket sales but it costs about $1.2 million in weekly operating expenses. The total costs of this musical thus far is $75 million, double the cost of the most expensive show ever produced. Wow.

In the movie Chinatown, there's a great line: "In the middle of a drought and the water commissioner drowns! Only in L.A."

Only in NYC can anyone spend this much money on a dopey show in the middle of a recession. 

That's even more amazing than the Amazing Spiderman.

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