Thursday, January 19, 2012

And then there were four ...

... Republican city council members, that is.

Until today, there were five. But Peter Koo -- a Republican member from Flushing, Queens who was elected in 2009 -- is apparently planning to become a Democrat next week. That means the Democratic advantage of 45/51 will become 46/51. Not exactly an earth shattering political realignment but a change nonetheless.

Two of the four Republicans on the city council are from Staten Island, and their seats are as safe as can be. The two others are from Queens and are in seats previously held by Democrats. One of them (Ulrich) is pretty safe. The other (Halloran, who I've blogged about on here before) is probably the most vulnerable. Next year, we might end up with only three Republican city council.

A blogger can dream can't he?

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  1. Schizoparanoid conspiracy theorists justify one's own immorality; leadership mandates moral distinctions: you cannot split the difference between good and evil.


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