Thursday, April 12, 2012

Memo from NYC

Let's call this post Requiem for a Lunatic.

Now that former -- FORMER -- Senator Slicky Ricky Sanitorium is no longer running president, part of me feels sad. 

See, while he is completely crazy and hopefully will never be elected to anything ever again, at least he wasn't a political weather vane like his opponent -- Mr Willard Mittens Romney of Massachusetts/Michigan/Utah and wherever else. No, Santorum was a man of principle. Granted, they were principles that were probably cutting edge in the latter decades of the 16th century but principles none the less. Most people don't have any principles at all these days.

Willard's only principle is his own ambition. Santorum actually believes in something besides himself.

The only good thing to come out of this is that Santorum's exit from the race has provided wonderful opportunities for jokes. This man, who doesn't believe in contraception (!), has been forced to "withdraw." He has "aborted" his campaign and some feel, like me, that he should be forced to "carry it" to the end. 

Now the GOP is saddled with perhaps the most phony, dishonest, arrogant, vile, out-of-touch elitist presidential candidate it has ever had -- and considering that this party nominated George W Bush twice, that's quite an accomplishment. Most Republicans are about as excited about him as high school students are about the SATs. Democrats hate him -- as they should. There's something about this guy that I find nauseating -- like two week old leftovers in the bottom of the fridge.

Fingers crossed -- Obama will beat him like a drum and, after November, Willard Mittens Romney will vanish from our life once and for all.

But tonight we raise a glass of some beverage or other to Rick Santorum. Bye bye.

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