Monday, August 20, 2012

Music in the Streets, On the Air

The following videos capture a few interesting moments in the history of music in NYC.

First, you know him as the other half of Simon and Garfunkel -- Art Garfunkel -- performing his song "A Heart in NY" at Ellis Island. It's a beautiful song, and the place he performs it -- at the entry to America for so many of our ancestors, gives it a special poignancy.

Second -- this had to be one of those moments where, if you were there, you could never forget it. In 1983, in Central Park, Diana Ross gave a concert and it got hit by a spectacular rainstorm. Ms. Ross does a great job keeping the audience in line and, thankfully for her, it did not sour her on Central Park -- she has playground named for her in the same park.

Third, be an "ear-witness" to history. In 1966, on the funky little radio station WBAI, the legendary overnight broadcaster Bob Fass did a wild call-in show with the legendary Bob Dylan. Of course, Dylan wasn't quite the legend he is today in 1966 but he was well on his way. This clip shows what a wild, strange mind he had. Can you imagine Dylan, today, doing a call-in show on overnight New York radio? Take a listen to something that, sadly, shall probably never happen again.

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