Thursday, November 1, 2012

NY1 to the Rescue!

Here in NYC, as Sandy came and went, the thing that got a lot of us New Yorkers through it was NY1.

For those of you outside NYC, you probably have no idea what NY1 is. It's a local cable channel, basically our CNN, an all-news station focused completely on the goings on in town. 

In a city that's flashy, glamorous, and exciting, NY1 is in many ways the attentive, quiet, and very responsible older parent who keeps its crazy offspring in check. You watch NY1 for information, not entertainment -- and it's the last of a dying breed of news channels that cares about news and not nonsense.

During the storm and its aftermath, the coverage on NY1 has been outstanding. All New Yorkers should give the station their thanks -- and, thankfully, NY1 is also getting it's due.

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