Thursday, November 15, 2012

Waterfront NYC

Since NYC is a city of islands, needless to say its waterfront is an integral part of its identity.

Our waterfront has been a huge part of our history -- from the time that Dutch pilgrims landed here, to Revolutionary War which was fought on our city's shores and in our harbor, to the presence of the Statue of Liberty, to the time when our city became a world capital.

Of course, our waterfront has also been a controversial part of our city's history, particularly since Robert Moses did so much to separate us from it.

Hurricane Sandy showed us some of the problems that our waterfront contains and, in its wake, our waterfront's history is in much dispute. 

Apropos of that, you must listen to this segment from WNYC about the history and future of the city's waterfront. What will it look like as we rebuild from Sandy? It's a matter of huge debate that our future mayor will have to deal with. 

I hope that we can rebuild the homes on the Rockaways and Breezy Point but that they are built stronger and more storm proof. Also, if storm blocks need to be built in the harbor, then they should be. Protecting our city's waterfront is a vital issue to our future -- and it's something we must get right. 

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