Saturday, October 19, 2013

Five is Really a Crowd

One of the things I love about New York magazine is how they run articles in the regular magazine that are very well-written, high-minded, and informative -- and then, on the website, how they run articles that are a little ... less so.

To whit: this interesting web-only piece by a young lady who talks about her experience arranging, and then being the focal-point of that exercise routine known as a ... gangbang ... For those of you unfamiliar with the practice, it's when a woman engages in coitus at the same time with multiple men, manipulating multiple male genatalia while manuevering her body masterfully. Multi-tasking at its finest.
Sounds exhausting!

And this article confirms it. At least it's exhausting for the lady involved. For the men, the experience must be similar to that of trying to get through a crowded subway door -- only with bodily fluids involved.


The other interesting thing about this article is that it demonstrates the existential divide between men and women. Only a woman could advertise (like this one did) for men to join her in a gangbang and actually expect to get serious replies -- and for the event really to happen. Any man who advertised for a similar experience -- with women -- would get either joke replies or none at all. Also, this article shows the influence that porn has had on our culture -- I don't think most people would even think about doing something like this unless they'd seen it in a dirty movie first. And what this article also makes clear is that, as a sexual experience, gangbangs don't seem particularly pleasurable for either the men or the woman. In a gangbang, it sounds like there's not much actual bang from the bucks (sorry, couldn't resist).

So what's the point?

However, it sounds like it probably burns off a few calories, at least for the woman. But I think there are probably less disgusting and more comfortable forms of exercise. 

P.S. I indicated that this article was an example of one that wasn't high-minded, well-written or informative. While it was certainly not the former, it was the latter two. So I humbly apologize to the writer.

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