Saturday, October 19, 2013

Political Theater New York Style

Right now NYC is going through its most competitive mayoral election in over a decade. The race to replace Mayor Bloomberg iz on! And it's getting exciting!

Except, well ... not really.

Sure, Public Advocate Bill De Blasio (Democrat) and former Deputy Mayor Joe Lhota (Republican) are attacking each other in debates, running ads against each other on TV, and doing all the expected stuff that goes on in political campaigns. (Trading barbs, as the pundits call it.) But it's all kabuki theater. Currently, according to the latest independent poll, De Blasio has a 67% to 23% lead over Lhota -- that's a 45%, almost 50%, lead for those of us who need help with the math. So, at this point, it looks like De Blasio is going to win in a landslide, Lhota is going to suffer an historic defeat, and the campaigns are totally pointless -- unless Mr De Blasio is caught with either a dead woman, a live boy, a dead boy, or in a compromising position with either a farm or domesticated animal.

At this point, instead of campaigning, De Blasio should probably start packing and calling the movers for Gracie Mansion, and Mr. Lhota -- who gave up the MTA chairmanship to run for mayor -- should probably scour Hotjobs or or call a headhunter since he's probably not going to get the job he's currently applying for. Maybe he and Mitt Romney should start hanging out, two unemployed loser Republicans, and bitch about those darn Democrats and those darn minority and "entitled" voters (Lhota might want to go drinking while Mitt the Mormon would probably get wasted on Diet Coke).

Unless there is "movement" in this race, I probably won't blog about it until election night (or after) on November 5th. Until then, for those of us paying attention to the media, let's enjoy this Political Kabuki Theater -- New York Style.

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