Tuesday, March 15, 2016

NYC is Thriving

As the great comedian Stephen Colbert once told us, reality has a well-known liberal bias. 

Ever since liberal Democrat Bil De Blasio became the Mayor of New York City two years ago, the media and special interests in this town have pilloried him. They've been trying to make the public believe that the city has descended into chaos and poverty, that crime is rampant, that businesses are evaporating, that the "bad old days" are here again. Oh, no, heavens to Betsy, the sky is falling! The sky is falling!

And, of course, what they hope is that all of this fear mongering will force De Blasio's defeat in the 2017 election. They hope that a Republican or at least a non-liberal Democratic will be elected in his place.

They better not get their hopes up. Not yet anyway. 

As this New York Times article indicates, NYC is thriving like never before. Private sector job growth is flourishing. Crime continues to fall. Public school graduation rates are increasing. The quality of life is great. And De Blasio? He's more popular than ever.

Oops. Looks like that well-known thing called reality is really messing up the haters' plans! It was supposed to be like this! Oh no, they were gonna keep telling us how awful De Blasio was, how the city would fall apart, and they'd be proven correct. Sadly (for them, not us), the haters have been proven wrong (again and again and again). Remember, these are the same people who thought we should invade Iraq).

Naturally, NYC still suffers from one big problem: the lack of affordable housing. This is and should be De Blasio's main focus over the next two years. More people than ever want to be New Yorkers. Which sort of contradicts the idea that this city has become a hell hole that people want to flee. No, the problem is that too many people want to live here. And that won't be an easy problem for De Blasio or any mayor to solve ... ever.

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