Thursday, January 17, 2008

A New York politics honey is going national ...

... and no, we're not talking about Hillary Clinton or Mrs. Giuliani. It's someone far more important: Sandra Endo, the lovely political reporter for NY1.

CNN has won her heart and is sweeping her away to Washington where she will report on all the wonderful people who do such a heckuva job governing our country.
Now America will have the pleasure of getting to ogle - I mean, watch her on TV too.

So long Sandra, we knew (and loved to watch you) when. I guess this town wasn't big enough for you. But if you can make it here, you can make it ... in DC. (Sigh)

CNN Newsource Hires Sandra Endo as Correspondent for D.C. Bureau


  1. You got it all wrong! Check this out - it's not CNN who has won
    Sandra's heart and sweeping her away to Washington D.C., but A.T. Smith, now Assistant Director of the US Secret Service (who is married to Catherine Cornelius). While working for NY1 and covering a story of the US Secret Service, she met A.T. Smith (then SAIC based in New York), consequently an alleged affair is carried out since then(conflict of interest - got first hand insider info). A.T. Smith is notorious and infamous for conducting extramarital affairs, namely with Catherine Cornelius when he was still married to his first wife which definitely broke the USSS's motto(refer to US News article by Chitra Ragavan/Christopher H. Schmitt and NY Daily News article by Leo Standora posted on 6/9/2002)!!

    1. This post about A.T. Smith is completely false. It's disappointing when professional jealousy leads to sleazy remarks.


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